Guiding questions for institutions

These are some questions to consider when assessing the establishment or functioning of an institution safeguarding the rights and interests of future generations


What is the background of your institution?

  • initiating the establishment: was it a top-down or a bottom-up process?
  • did the establishment require legal amendments?
  • is it a Commissioner / Counselor / Adviser etc?
  • how long is the mandate of your institution?
  • etc.

How is your institution set up?

  • Where is it situated?
  • Is it an internal body or independent of the government?
  • How about budgetary independence?
  • Staff number / range of disciplines represented among stuff members?
  • etc.

What is the exact mandate of your institution?

  • monitoring
  • reporting duties
  • preparing strategies
  • providing recommendations
  • data collection, evaluation of bills
  • auditing
  • investigation of complaints, petitions
  • or others?

How wide is the scope of authority of your institution?

  • veto legislation / reverse decisions
  • requesting information/time to prepare opinion
  • demanding information from public authorities
  • conducting investigations
  • or others?
Focus area

What does your institution focus on?

  • future generations
  • children
  • environment
  • natural resources, sciences
  • technology, information society
  • education, family care
  • health and welfare
  • economy, pensions
  • demography, population policy
  • law development
  • scientific research
  • construction
  • or others?
International activities
Does your institution participate in international activities?
  • Are you member of a working group or international organization?
  • Do you participate at international conferences? What kinds?
  • Do you take part in the development of the Sustainable Development Goals?
  • etc.